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We are very happy to hear from our satisfied customers. This is the biggest prize for us.
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.: very good workmanship, the duvet is soft to the touch and light :.

.: The duvet is great, fleecy, feathery, nice to the touch :.
.: An excellent duvet!!! :.

.: I recommend the INGEO duvet and pillow to all parents to buy for their kids. High quality workmanship :.
.: The duvet and pillow are lovely :.

.: The quality of the duvet is excellent. I think that my tot is in seventh heaven:) :.

.: first impression: a downy, aesthetic, really nice duvet (…) we are going to need this duvet in winter, but our

daughter is already in love with it. Although we do not cover her with it, she cuddles up to it before sleep.
Whatsmore: the inside isn't lumpy (matted), it has a really pleasant trimming, the duvet breathes, it is light,
surprisingly nice to the touch, we are very satisfied :.

.: My first impression. Super light, fleecy, veeeeeeeeery delicate. Oh, it made a big impression on me. :.

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