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We spend a huge part of our lives in sleep. Sleep brings us relaxation and gives us strength to act. Only when we
get enough sleep can we cope with problems and achieve our dreams.

So? When we equip our houses and flats, we should pay attention not only to household articles or hi-fi equipment, but also to … a proper duvet and pillow.


PART I Duvet

• cots: 100x135 duvet,
• for a single bed a 135x200 duvet (we buy 140x200 bedclothes) or a 155x200 one is good (bedclothes 160x200), whereas for adults a 155x200 duvet will be perfect,
• for couples (for double beds) a 220x200 duvet or two 135x200 duvets are ideal.

• a universal duvet – medium thickness, single-layer,
• a summer duvet – a light duvet for warm nights,
• a TERMO duvet – a double duvet, very warm, ideal for winter,
• a “4 SEASONS” duvet – two duvets of different thickness with the possibility to be fastened together or
unfastened, an ideal solution for changeable weather.

• In “Offer” tab we present the whole range of our products, the collections differ in respect to used fabrics and

PART II Pillow

The notion of “an ideal pillow” is connected mainly with the sleeper's preferences, and these may vary. When choosing a pillow we should follow our own inclinations!

The pillow should offer a proper support for the head and neck during sleep – it is an important rule. According to specialists 50x60 cm, 50x70 cm pillows provide the best support.

Pillows made of toughed quilted material and filled with granulated fibre (small soft balls of fibre) are more

Pillows with a zip are an excellent solution. At the production stage the pillow is firmly filled with fibre to make
it suitable for people who like to sleep “high”. A zip makes it possible to take out some of the filling to adjust its
thickness and softness to the preferences of people who like flatter pillows.


PART III Maintenance

• INTER WIDEX, Senna, and Senna Baby products can be washed in a washing machine, according to the information on a tag (40, 60 lub 90°C),
• the storage of duvets and pillows in tight places, where they are tightly pressed, speeds up the loss of their utility values,
• the duvets and pillows should be firmly beaten everyday, the pillows should be beaten energetically to disperse the fibre, which likes to compress under the weight of sleeper's head,
• the bedclothes should be aired if it's possible.


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